Shutter Maintenance


Shutter Maintenance Guide...

Shutter Maintenance Servicing Guide
15 cycles a day = 2 visits a year
30 cycles per day = 3 visits a year
45 cycles per day = 4 visits a year
Over 45 cycles per day = 6 visits a year

Engineer's Service List

On an SOS Engineers routine visit you can expect – Checks, Inspections, Cleaning & Removal.

Here’s what we Inspect
  • Support brackets and guides,
  • Lifting cables and ferrules for wear,
  • Damage to any parts of the door,
  • Safety edge tubes and connections,


Here’s what we Clean, Remove & Adjust
  • Clean hand chains,
  • Cleaning the door face and lubricate the track as needed,
  • Removing and replacing faulty moving parts,
  • Adjusting limits as necessary,
Roller Shutter Maintenance

Here's what we Check!

  • Adjusting the balance of operation – re-tensioning springs,
  • Excessive force is not required to operate the door,
  • Electrical components, switches and motors,
  • Fixing bolts and fitting are tight,
  • Operation of any shoot bolt & locks,
  • Safety devices are working,
  • The door opens fully,
  • Lock cut out switch and the pass door cut out switch work,
  • Manual changeover system,
  • Spring balance in manual mode,
  • All controls and safety features,
  • Adjusting air switch,
  • Spiral cable for continuity,
  • Alignment of safety and activation beams,
  • Adjusting all activation systems,
  • Shutter is fully operational

Shutter Maintenance Agreements

Save Our Shutter looks to provide a 24/7 emergency call-out service on a 12-month shutter maintenance contract. We would start by carrying out a full risk assessment so that you have peace of mind that the shutter is safe.

Next, we would look to put in place a schedule that meets your shutter’s requirements, with an ambition to stay within budget ensuring the Roller Shutter meets the prevailing legal, safety and insurance requirements.